Technology- Court Reserve Login Issues 

By Mike Davila, Technology Board Member 

This message is to all users who have not been on the system recently and as a result, could encounter potential LOGIN problems, because of recent updates to the software.  We urge you to LOGIN as indicated below on both the PC and Phone App, so you “sync” back onto the Pickleplex/CourtReserve system.  

Additionally, you can then access the Hurricane Ian News and reopening timeline for the PicklePlex. 

This information will be found under ANNOUCEMENTS, so just click on the link. 

If you a LOGIN issue Etc., then please complete both steps below.

Desktop PC:                       

Cut/Paste the below link into your preferred browser (BOOKMARK IT) 

Tap on the LOGIN link, TOP RIGHT. 

Dialog LOGIN Box will appear    

Use your email address for the username + password. 

 If password not remembered, click on FORGOT password 

  A new link will be emailed to change your password 

  Then LOGIN 

PHONE APP:       

Download the APP for CourtReserve (Any Playstore) 

If CourtReserve already on your phone, TAP on icon 

A LOGIN dialog box will appear                                          

Input Username and Password 

If the LOGIN box is not viewable and the dialog box is not present 

Delete the current CourtReserve APP on your phone 

Then reinstall from the Play Store 

 Tap on the CourtReserve APP icon 

A LOGIN dialog box will appear 

 Input Username and Password then LOGIN 

You should gain access to your account