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Technology Update: Features on Court Reserve App

Thanks to everyone for the near flawless Technology utilization of CourtReserve!

Please make sure you download the Court Reserve app from your Playstore onto your phone.

Below are links that are currently found on your PC or CourtReserve APP:

Announcements Page:

These announcements will be a central place for any “need to know” information, that requires distribution the PicklePlex family. Please visit it every time you LOGIN.  If there is a RED DOT, that means new content has been added or updated, and needs to be read.  All announcements will remain until they are obsolete and then they will be removed.

Player Directory:

Please visit the player director to contact other members.  Phone numbers nor email addresses cannot be viewed.  However, when you click/touch the telephone number or email, that information will reveal.  Remember, these are your fellow members, and our system is closed to anyone who is not a member.

Daily Visitors:

For any visitors wanting a single day of play at PicklePlex, we are transitioning in late October to a cashless system.   To be clear, these comments are related to the $10.00 daily visitor pass.  Members will be able to buy online, and Non-Members will need to register via the Non-Member Access account on Members and Non-Members will be able to click on “Buy a Day Pass” and complete the purchase.  All guest information will be transmitted to our data capture portal, for real time access, verifying visitor name and payment. The platform is almost complete, and we are working on the procedure policy.  Please visit the Announcement Page after LOGIN to Court Reserve for a more up to date timeline and any news.   More details will be coming in October. 

Events:   This will be the future of all PicklePlex Events. Members will click on the page and sort out their interest or use the calendar to see the upcoming events in the future.  From there, it will be as simple as point and click and you will be able to register for the event.  If that event is full, there will be a waitlist option, to keep your interest in that activity.  Types of events would be lessons, clinics, training, and league play, to name a few. PicklePlex is moving to upfront electronic registration and Court Reserve collection.  The anticipated date for this is late December 2022, but the process has already begun.


This will be your “live” transaction history for any purchases and payments made on Court Reserve

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