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New Technology Time Line

New Technology Introduction 

The PicklePlex® Board of Directors and the Technology Steering Committee have unanimously approved a technology partnership with CourtReserve.  This partnership will allow for immediate operational efficiencies today and for our future growth, with access benefits to everyone who visits PicklePlex.  Members will be able to stay connected from anywhere that they have internet access. 

In our Two-phase rollout, all of our members will have a critical role in the adoption and success of this online technology.  

Phase 1 will happen on September 1, 2022 with the 2022/2023 membership account creation and plan selection.  Daily Passes automation (“Drop in”) will occur on October 1, 2022. 

Phase 2 will be later and it will impact all Event Planning at the PicklePlex.  Examples are Structured Play, Leagues, Clinics, and Lessons. 

PicklePlex is excited for the impact on our daily operations, our move to automation and the benefits to be realized for our membership. Your PC, Phone APP, and Tablet (APP available in any Play store) will be central to our communication, memberships and PicklePlex event registration. 

Mike Davila and Su Chaplin are handling Phase I, so feel free to ask them, but more technology news is forthcoming.   

Technology "Beta" Participants Needed 

In an effort to continually test the system, the Technology group is looking for volunteers to gain early access to the system for testing and feedback. If anyone would like to be a part of this group (maximum 25), please email


Our meetings, will be in person or via Zoom. The target timeframe is mid-August.  So please sign as soon as possible, we are ready to start testing!