PicklePlex® COVID-19 Pickleball Etiquette

Yeah!  We are going to be open again!  The eyes of Charlotte County will be upon us, so we need to demonstrate what we know to be true---- Pickleball players know how to follow the rules.  Open Friday, May 8. Sunrise to sunset (no lights) daily.

Required practices:

  • Social distancing is a must- please stay 6’ apart from each other especially when waiting for your next game.

  • Please do not touch your face and wash your hands often.

  • Please bring your own chairs.  There will be no seating at the tables.

  • Please wait until the previous group is completely out of the court and away from the gate before you begin to enter.

  • Please bring your own hand wipes or sanitizing liquid.  (a mixture of 4 tsp. of laundry bleach to 1 qt. of water works well)- please use outside the court area only!

  • Please bring your own water.  The drinking fountain will not be available.

  • Paddles will be stacked in single file so that the handles do not touch.  Please only touch your own equipment – no sharing or trading of paddles.  Clean the handles and balls between games.

  • Please do not touch paddles or high five at the end of games – just say “Good game” or wave your paddles.

  • When you have finished play, please practice social distancing.  It is better not to stand around visiting until other statewide restrictions are lifted.

Suggested practices if you need to be more cautious when playing:

  • Set up play dates with your own group of players.

  • Play singles or skinny singles- one game to 11 win by 2 then exit the court if others are waiting to play

  • Play in the afternoon when the courts are less crowded.

We need everyone to follow these commonsense guidelines so that we can stay open.  Please be kind to each other and respect others space.

The PicklePlex® Board of Directors

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The PicklePlex® is a privately-supported (funded) 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation that operates as a guest of FSW and is subject to the rules of the lease.  These courts are maintained and managed by the PicklePlex® Board.  The courts were built on donations from individuals and companies.  We would like to thank all those from the community who have donated money as well as their time and labor to construct them.  


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