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Court Happenings

October 7, 2023

New Court Configuration

We know change can be difficult, but we listened to your concerns over the Summer about Open-Play and are rolling out the NEW COURT CONFIGURATION, starting Monday, OCT 9 to accommodate our increasing numbers of open-players as the season begins.  We believe this plan will help to alleviate wait times between games, giving all players equal access to all open play courts.  As the graphic shows, ALL OPEN PLAY will now occur on courts 9-16 and 18-24 (going from 7 open-play courts to 15!!!).  Both paddle stackers will be joined as one in that area and all players must rotate off the court at the end of their game, restack paddles and wait for the next available court.  

Two Challenge Courts will still exist, but now located on Courts 1 and 2.  Courts 3-8 and 17 will function as our multi-use courts as indicated on the white boards attached to the fences on those courts (Lessons, Clinics, Leagues).  We appreciate your cooperation to help make this change work smoothly, as it is our goal to improve your pickleball playing experience.  We will be on site to help get things started and plan to evaluate the progress and tweak as needed. 

See the diagram below.









New Light Timers


Three new timers/switches have been added to the back courts to better control the lights on courts 9-16, and especially to save on our electricity bills.  The new timer/switches are located on light posts on courts 9, 12, and 16 and each control lights for 3 or 4 courts.  In order for the lights to function, however, the timers on the corresponding front courts must also be turned on.  If you want lights on courts 9, 10, 11 first turn switch located on court 9 as well as on court 2, etc.  For courts 12,13, 14, the switch is located on court 13 and the corresponding switch is on court 5; and for courts 15-16, the switch is located on court 16, with the corresponding switch on court 7.  NOTE:  set the timer past 15 minutes to start.  And please, turn lights on only for the courts being used.  If you play in the evening or early morning and need explanation, feel free to reach out with questions.


Fall League Schedule


Fall Leagues are right around the corner with a couple exciting events like PicklePlex Team League.  Registration opened October 2, 2023, through Court Reserve.  Then league play will begin the week of Oct. 23 to Dec. 7th (6 sessions). 

Types of Leagues available:

  • Men’s 3.5 Shootout or Round Robin

  • Ladies Social for 3.0 – Round Robin

  • Guided Practice and Round Robin

  • PicklePlex Team League (3.5+ & 4.0+)

  • COED Timed Novice League – Round Robin

  • Ladies 3.5+ Ladder League 

Click the Button Below for More Details





One-Time Member Guest Pass


One-Time Member Guest Pass packs go on sale now through Feb 1 for $49 for a pack of 7 passes.  We will no longer issue paper passes but will apply your $49 back to your account to be issued to your guest when that occurs. To purchase this one-time packet of 7 passes for $49, send an email to

For more information, click the link below.



Friday Night Lights Returns October 13!

Mark your calendars and come join us for an evening of fun round-robin pickleball under the awesome lights of PicklePlex.  Signup/warm-up from 6-6:45; play begins promptly at 7.  Members $5; non-members $10.  Members please pay using Court Reserve. You have a choice of three levels of play, then will be given a number and that number dictates the court you play on, who your partner is, and your opponent.  Play for 12 minutes, come off and your same number will give you a new partner/opponents.  So much fun!  Hope to see you there!

Ambassador Position

Come Join our Team at PicklePlex®


 We are seeking energetic and outgoing individuals to help support our membership and visitors to ensure a positive playing experience. Candidates will help to manage daily operations, answer questions, and using the computer to assist with on-line membership/passes.

We offer flexible working hours, ranging from 12-24 hours/week, choosing between morning, evening and weekend shifts to fit your schedule. Come check us out, meet the players and join us in helping PicklePlex be the place to play in SW Florida!

 To apply, or if you have questions, we invite you to email: 


Court Maintenance Requests


Before we spend good money on needed tools to maintain PicklePlex we are reaching out to see if members out there might be scaling down their own tool supplies.  We are accepting most tools, but critical needs are:

Sockets, drills, drill bits, saws, screwdrivers, wire cutter, metal cutters, hammers, pliers, wrenches, adjustable wrenches. 

If you have extra tools not listed, please email and we can tell you if we need it.


PicklePlex is looking for one or two space(s) for the following: 

1)  a small storage area for extra supplies that are infrequently needed at the courts. 

2)  a workshop area that could be used to build/repair items for our facility.

If you have extra garage or shed space that could be accessed by one or two members, please reach out to any Board member or to Scott Garber at the courts.

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