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Kris has been teaching pickleball since 2018 and playing racquet/paddle sports all his life. Originally from Connecticut, Kris is retired from the United States Air Force. After leaving NASA in 2002 he remained in the military industrial/aerospace business until moving to Florida in 2015.  

He lives in Fort Myers and offers a simple, efficient approach to the game, serving clients from Englewood to Bonita Springs. Whether you are a beginner looking for the “right way” to start or a tournament player looking to sharpen a specific skill, give Kris a call. 


Contact Information: 

Residence: Fort Myers, Fl    860-639-0284 





⁃Peace River Picklers Pickleball Club Punta Gorda - Director 2018

⁃Peace River Picklers Pickleball Club Punta Gorda -  Instructor

⁃Pickleplex - Punta Gorda Onsite Senior Instructor

-Professional Pickleball Registry Certified Professional


Gearbox Paddles - Sales

Diadem Paddles - Sponsored Teaching Pro and Sales

Jigsaw Health Products Ambassador

Lululemon Sweat Collective Program Ambassador

Your PickleballPlace Paddle Representative - 2017-2019

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