Tarpon Hoops Pickleball Tournament Players

Men's Doubles

Play Divisions

2.5 Men


Gold -Rasheed Shackleford-DJ Woods 

Silver -Kevin Sanders- Brandon Bynoe 

Bronze -Zynda- Faustin Phanor

3.0 Men - Under 60

Gold - Jack Andreu- Nick Pappas

Silver - Ryan Nolan- Ed Sagarese 

Bronze- Trey Flores- Matt Bagiardi 

3.0 Men Over 60

Gold- Larry Ferns- Jason Hollins

Silver - Gary Zepke- John Paddock

Bronze -Bob Anderson - Chuck Taylor 

3.5 Men - Under 60

Gold -Mark Scruggs- Thomas Butler

Silver-  Bob Ransom- Steve Schmitz

Bronze -Tom Massolio- Brian Nolan

3.5 Men - Over 60 

Gold- John Gilroy- Bill Terhune

Silver - Pelino Ferzoco- Bob Medugno 

4.0 Men

Gold -Jeff Houhoulis- Kris Johanessen 

Silver -Andrew Hurley- Darrell Becker 

Bronze -Bruce McPhee- Chris Smith 

Women's Doubles

3.0 Women

Gold -Kim Damien- Lorraine Mushacke

Silver -Theresa Stevens- Bari Cook 

Bronze -Beth Ferns- Mary Ann Gilroy 


Under 60 3.5 Women

Gold -Cathy Carlton - Paula Byrnes 

Silver -Kathy Seward- Hisoon Lee 

Bronze- Sheila Diaz - Mary Stewart 


Over 60



Gold- Su Chaplin - Donna Wilson 

Silver - Cindy Morrell- Gloria Reilly 

Bronze- Sherron Smith - Jaye Jensen

4.0 Women

Gold - Melissa Eichmeyer-Shaffer - Rebecca Hodges 

Silver - Linda Coe - Bonnie Stade 

Mixed Doubles

Under 60 2.5 Mixed

Gold- Saris Garcia- Jay Garcia 

Under 60 3.0 Mixed  

Gold- Jeanne Wagner - JP Spencer 

Silver- Neely Fyvie- Greg Fyvie 

Bronze -Hisoon Lee - Jackson Bopp

Over 60 3.0 Mixed

Gold- Neda Brown - John Paddock

Silver -Lorraine Mushacke- Thomas Ward 

Bronze -Carol Costodio- Gary Zepke


Under 60 3.5 Mixed  

Gold- Tom Massolio- Alyssa Collier 

Over 60 3.5 Mixed

Gold -Cindy Morrell- Richard Morrell

Silver -Kathy Seward - Bob Medugno

Bronze- Bonnie Christensen- Ted Kegeris 

Under 60 4.0+ Mixed 

Gold- Beth Gambrell- Jerry Johns

Silver -Janet Cauchi- Gavin Thomas

Bronze- Sharon Bott - Carlos Diaz 



Over 60 4.0+ Mixed

Gold- Linda Coe- Mark Weesaw 4.0+



The PicklePlex® is a privately-supported (funded) 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation that operates as a guest of FSW and is subject to the rules of the lease.  These courts are maintained and managed by the PicklePlex® Board.  The courts were built on donations from individuals and companies.  We would like to thank all those from the community who have donated money as well as their time and labor to construct them.  

Starting October 1, 2020 members play for free all day.  Non members must pay a $5 drop in fee to play at peak times (7-noon & 5- 10 pm).

Free play for all from noon to 5 pm.


T: 941-451-9923

E: info@pickleplex.org

To schedule events:




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