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Existing PicklePlex Member (No Setup)

LOGIN - Events, Categories or Calendar 

LOGIN - Purchase a Daily Pass - Multi

More than 1 player, Guest Box 1, 2 or 3, “>” add name(s) 


(One Time) Online Setup then Purchase 

Helpful Hints (before you start) 

On Create Account/Access data collection page few Important items 

  • Complete all fields with Red *  complete all fields with Red * 

  • Dropdown- Confirm Membership desired 

  • Email and Password (2 times) 

  • Credit Card or ACH information 

  • Disclosure button/ Captcha Checkmark 

  • If Processing fails, check Red * fields 

  • Account Approved will appear 

  • Tap-Purchase a Daily Pass -or-Events, Categories, Calendar 

  • Open auto email to download Apple/Android app 


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