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TOURNAMENT SET-UP ON  Tuesday, January 16, 1pm-5pm

Tournament will be set-up from scratch, as per instructions, to be ready for Wednesday start.  At the end of today, all tents will be lowered over tables, chairs, etc., to be raised again by Wednesday’s Set-up Team.


  1. VOLUNTEER CHECK-IN (Julie Frainier/Kim Brotzman): Check-in volunteers; have them sign our waiver; organize your tent, tables, chairs to fit the needs of the next few days; sort volunteer and player t-shirts separately, organize goodies for volunteers. If needed, affix labels on the backs of business cards for “gifts” to Volunteers if they would like. At end of shift, collect and return all materials to shed, lower tent, making sure it is weighted down, with tables/chairs underneath.

 2. SET-UP PICKLEPLEX (Donny Wawrzyniak, Doug Kelmar, Paul Berry, Laura Roberts).  First, check-in at Volunteer Desk, then provide the following for each of the tent stations:

Tournament Player Check-in/parking – one large tent (VCB tent), 3 tables, 4 chairs

Volunteer Check-in – one large tent (VCB tent), three tables, two chairs, 1 large cooler filled with bottled water, ready for tomorrow.

Ticket Sales/parking – Move Scott’s PicklePlex entry desk to Ticket Sales area with umbrella and two chairs.

Move picnic tables as directed, set-up blocking for no parking areas (grass, handicap, Volunteer/Referees/APP Officials)

Place extra trash containers around evenly. 

Pick up anything left on courts/aprons.

At end of shift, lower all tents making sure they are weighted, push tables/chairs under tent. Help to return all materials to shed.

3. SET UP FOR APP (There will be an APP set-up crew for this): Most all tents will come from Rental Agency and will have a team to install.  APP may ask for assistance in placing chairs.

Amateur Player Hospitality Tent:  Large tent, 5 tables, 10 Chairs, large cooler

Pro Hospitality Tent:  large tent, 3 Tables, 10 Chairs

Referee tent:  1 tent, 3 Tables, 12 chairs, cooler?

APP Tournament desk:  large tent, 2 tables, 6 chairs

Tent/tables/chairs for Dana

Spectator seating:  covered canopy, many chairs. There will be a section for “Premier Seating” which we will manage for Fri-Sun.


4.COURT CLEANING – (Sandra Cloutier/Julie David/Mac Meyer): Check in at Volunteer Desk, then to the shed where blowers will be out, fueled, and ready.  Please use ear plugs or headphones.  Use direction of wind to determine best direction to clean courts, then apron.  When finished, take blowers to tennis courts behind high school, to clean courts that are taped to use for practice.  When done, leave blowers in front of the small shed to cool.  Pick up any trash or personal belongings left on the courts/apron. 


5.TAPE APRON/TENNIS COURT – (Walt Opheim/Susan Angeloff).  Report to Volunteer Desk to check in, where you will be directed to a team leader for instructions on taping/marking apron.  We are trying to create an area on the apron adjacent to the court fence to allow a walk-way, clear of bags, chairs, etc. 



Volunteer Check-in:  Report right to Volunteer Check-in Desk. Morning crew will raise tent, set up station, organize materials, and check-in all volunteers, ask for signature on Waiver Form, distribute t-shirts/goodie bag/lunch ticket/grounds pass/job descriptions, and direct them to their work location.  Water and snacks for volunteers are kept in this tent for distribution when needed.  “Floaters” will periodically deliver snacks/water to all volunteers.  When the morning shift ends, give directions to afternoon crew.  At end of day, afternoon crew will lower tent, push tables/chairs under tent, gather and return all supplies to shed (ask for assistance from closers).


 PARKING MANAGERS Check in first at Volunteer Desk and pick up your parking vest, then one volunteer stations at the entrance to PicklePlex, one stationed at rows 1 and 2 of our lot to give direction to those cars allowed in. 

 Parents will be picking up their children Wed-Fri, there will be 4 buses and parents in cars lining up around 1:30pm.  Cars parked in the first line of spaces could be blocked in for about 15 minutes.  School is released at 1:40pm 



Parking locations:

Most all should be directed to park on the other side of the pond, except for the following:

Row 1- (the 1st left turn into our lot):   Cars showing credentials as Volunteers, APP Officials, Top 20 Pros, APP sponsors.  When filled, all cars must go to the lot across the pond. 

Row 2 (2nd left turn into our lot):  Volunteers, Referees, and Vendors with credentials. Also have two handicapped spots and 2 spots for PicklePlex Managers

Row 3:  All areas roped off for APP Pods and trailers.

If anyone gives you trouble, let them go.


At end of morning shift, give direction and vest to afternoon shift. At end of afternoon shift, return vest to volunteer desk.

SET-UP/FLOATER:  Check-in first at Volunteer Desk, morning crew will then raise all tents (easy-ups), wipe tables/chairs if wet, move supplies from shed to various tents as instructed.  As Floater, replenish water, ice, supplies, materials as needed to Volunteer/Player Check-in/Player t-shirt.  Offer bathroom breaks to other volunteers, check supply of toilet paper in bathroom and report any issues in the bathrooms. Periodically walk the venue, picking up any trash/articles left.  When shift ends, give instructions to afternoon crew.  Afternoon crew checks-in, get instructions from morning crew, same jobs as above.  At end of shift, lower as many tents as possible over tables/chairs, making sure tents are weighted.  Closing crew will ensure the lowering of rest of tents.


CLEAN COURTS/FLOATER:  Check-in first at Volunteer Tent, then, report to shed for blowers and as needed clean debris off any courts and the aprons.  Check Tennis Court behind FSW High School and clear any debris.  You may be called upon during your shift should a court need blowing off.  As Floater, replenish supplies/materials/ice.  Offer bathroom breaks to other volunteers, check supply of toilet paper in bathroom and report any bathroom issues to Scott.  Also pick up any trash or personal items left on the courts or aprons. Be sure to offer water to parking people.


TOURNAMENT PLAYER CHECK-IN (Gloria):  Check-in first at Volunteer Tent.  Morning shift will set-up station, get computer from APP with instructions on checking in players, get cash box/parking passes from APP.  Then check in players, give ticket for t-shirt to be exchanged at t-shirt tent, sell parking passes.  At end of day, lower tent over tables/chairs and return cash box/computer/parking passes to APP, supplies to shed.


T-SHIRT TENT (Gloria) Check-in first at Volunteer Tent.  Morning shift will set-up station, organize t-shirts by size.  Players will give you a voucher from Player Check-in that can be exchanged for a t-shirt.  At end of day, lower tent over tables/chairs and t-shirts to shed.  Let Floater know if you need help.



Morning shift: Check-in first at Volunteer Check-in, then to Ticket Sales Tent.  Set up station, receive money drawer from APP, along with arm bands and parking passes, along with a list of pre-purchased tickets from APP. 

All Shifts:  Sell $15/person passes, give person a designated colored armband for that day, as provided. If a player arrives with a guest send both to Player Check-in Desk.  If the ticket was pre-paid, check name off list and provide an armband. Collect parking fee from all.

PM Shifts:  Return money drawer, left-over armbands, and ticket sheet to APP.  Lower tent over tables/chairs.

SCORE SHEET COLLECTOR/RUNNER:  (APP):  Check in first at Volunteer Desk, then report to APP for instructions on collecting score sheets and delivering to Referee Desk.


PHOTO BOOTH:  Check in first at Volunteer Desk, then report to the APP-provided mock-up of Sports Illustrated cover for players to have their photo taken and downloaded to APP.  APP will give instructions. Be engaging/fun/welcoming.


PRO/AMATEUR HOSPITALITY TENTS/PREMIER SEATING (APP):  Check-in first at Volunteer Desk.  Among the three volunteers, decide which tent you wish to monitor and be open to rotating, giving each an opportunity to experience all.  Replenish snacks/water in both tents as needed.  Premier seating area at Championship Court will be roped off for those with credentials.  Be polite but firm.


CLOSING DOWN:  When play ends ensure that all easy-up tents are lowered and weighted down over tables/chairs and materials are returned to the shed.  Walk the courts and remove any left items on the courts and aprons (to lost/found or trash).  Board member will lock shed. 

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